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Ex-Google engineer arrested for theft of AI secrets for China.

An ex-Google employee named Linwei Ding is accused of stealing artificial intelligence trade secrets from the company.

He allegedly copied over 500 confidential files to his personal account over a year, starting in 2022.

Ding, who also goes by Leon Ding, faces four counts of theft of trade secrets and could receive up to 10 years in prison for each count if convicted.

Google conducted an investigation, referred the case to the FBI, and expresses gratitude for law enforcement cooperation.

The indictment ( about the leak of industrial secrets by a Chinese former Google employee named Ding, the leaked material was of national security importance, such as TPU v4 and TPU v6 chip architectures and software designs, and Google did not recognize or respond in a timely manner to Ding’s uploading of 500 confidential documents to his personal cloud account. It did not realize this until days after Ding traveled to China, accessed the network, and submitted his resignation to the company.

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