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Amazon’s palm-scanning service now lets you sign up from your phone.

Amazon now lets you sign up for its palm recognition service directly from your phone. It’s launching a new Amazon One app that you can use to take a photo of your palm and set up your account, allowing you to start scanning your palm at locations that support the verification tech.

Previously, Amazon required users to visit physical locations to enroll in Amazon One, which lets you make a purchase or verify your age based on the palm print linked to your Amazon account. The service is available at all Whole Foods stores across the US and some Panera Bread locations, as well as more than 150 stadiums, airports, fitness centers, and convenience stores.

Amazon One uses generative AI to analyze your palm vein structure to create a “unique numerical, vector representation” of your palm that it recognizes when you scan your hand in-store. It doesn’t use raw palm images to identify you.

On mobile, Amazon says it uses AI to match the photo from a phone’s camera to the “near-infrared imagery” from an Amazon One device. You’ll need to add a payment method to the app and upload a photo of your ID if you plan to use the service for age verification. You can also link loyalty programs, season passes, and gym memberships.

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